Poisoner's Contract on Noleski Surtova

Dear Lily,

A high profile contract has fallen into our hands. As there is no room for failure, we’re sending you.

Target: Noleski Surtova, King of Brevoy
Location: New Stetven
Client: Jamandi Aldori
Compensation: 20,000 gold in Abadarian certificates, as well as the remaining 80,000 to be deposited into your family funds in Hawk’s Nest.
Specifications: Body has to be discovered around 1st of Desnus, has to go public. Resurrection cannot be allowed.

We’re supplying you with some magical aid should it proof necessary. Enclosed you’ll find:

  • A wand of knock (10 charges)
  • 2 potions of spiderclimb
  • 2 potions of invisibility
  • Potion of fly
  • Scroll of sending
  • Hell coal

Please be careful with the hell coal. While there is a lot of gold involved, we can’t afford to lose you.
Also, our offer still stands.

Best of luck,


Poisoner's Contract on Noleski Surtova

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