Downtime based on monthly turns

Downtime on a monthly basis

Changes from Ultimate Campaign

Most notable of all changes, turns are now monthly instead of daily. This is to fit the pace of Kingmaker better. To scale up resources, gold gained will now be tenfold and instead of having to distribute the building’s bonus over the different kinds of capital, a building now generates all of its listed resources. Lastly, Ultimate Campaign’s rules promote rolling as often as possible. To combat this, a player no longer has the option of rolling per room and will now always roll once for all real estate and that roll determines income of all generated capital.

Turn Sequence

  • Roll for income
  • Buy capital
  • Build new rooms and recruit new teams
  • Roll for events

Roll for income

To determine income gained, choose a skill that would reasonably apply to the job to be done (This can even be attack rolls or saves). Roll that check and add the building’s bonus for gp to it to determine the amount of gold you earn from a building that month. For capital, add the relevant building bonus, divide the result by 10 and round down. The result is how many of that resource you can buy at half price that month. If you spend at least a week in the month working in your building, add a +10 to the check to generate income.

Buy capital

To build new rooms and recruit teams, you need capital of the type and amount listed in its statblock in Ultimate Campaign. While this is initially expensive, any capital generated in your buildings can be used at half price. Every turn, you have the option to stock up on up to the result of your roll in every capital at half price, and however many you want at full price. A list of prices for all types of capital can be found here.

Build new rooms and recruit new teams

Provided you have enough capital (or gold to buy it) you can build new rooms. Normally, this would take an amount of days to finish, but to adjust it for monthly turns, building will now be instantaneous. A new building’s bonus will start applying on the next turn.

Roll for events

To make the system a bit less predictable, there are random events that take place. Events range from beneficial to harmful, sometimes requiring a specific skill check to negate harmful effects, to make beneficial effects happen or to swing it either way. There are building specific events, but these are uncommon.
Normally, the chance of an event happening is 20% plus 5% for every sequential day without an event. We will instead use the Kingdom management event rules, where the chance of an event happening is 25% if one happened the turn before and 75% if one didn’t.

Players’ buildings

Henri Hibrida’s Observatory
Isabella Valentina’s Mall
Rachim Abu-Hajaar’s Guildhall
Sen Tse’s Monastery
Weixi Zhoufeng’s Magical Academy

Hibrida’s Heavenly Helper (A.K.A. Pooches)

A very basic Matlab app for easier building management.
Latest Version
Update history
The current version should work for older versions of Matlab.

Downtime based on monthly turns

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