Abadar's Hand

Abadar’s Hand

Leader: Aurelia Ogden
Notable members: Urdul Bazzak, Raston Selline, Naerel Twice-Born, Ullorth Ungin, Henri Hibrida
Goal: Stop the League of Merchants from hampering trade along the Sellen River.
Type of organization: Taskforce
Special resources: A fully equipped and customized sailing ship will be provided as long as the taskforce exists. Afterwards, captains can buy the ship at build price.

Sponsors and sponsorship

Uringen promised 20,000 gold for fixing the problem (5,000 per participating kingdom).
The Protectorate of the Black Marquis promised 2,000 per ship sunk and 5,000 per ship captured (500 and 1,250 gold per kingdom).


Mivon will send small ships up and down the Sellen to scout where the smaller patrol of the League is.
Riverton will prevent the League from fleeing south and scout for activity on Kallas Lake.
Tymon will patrol the West Sellen between Kallas Lake and Lake Encarthan with a single ship outfitted with an elite boarding party.
The Northern Reaches

Abadar's Hand

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