Garuum of M'Botuu

Alchemist, leader of the M'botuu Reclamation Squad


Boggard Alchemist 9/ Master Chymist 1

Str 18
Dex 12
Con 12
Int 18
Wis 12
Cha 9


Once a member of the greater boggard tribes found to the west in the Hooktongue Slough, Garuum made aterrible mistake the day he decided he should be the one to rule his tribe. In order to prepare for his one-boggard coup, he gathered and devoured several dozen of the tribe’s sacred blue dragonflies, hoping to gain great power and skill from the insects. Alas, while the feast bolstered his self-confidence, it did nothing for his battle skills. Herode his slurk into the center of his tribe to declare war, whereupon the tribe’s priest-king immediately captured him and sentenced him and his slurk to death after a day of humiliating punishment.
They tied him to a tree in the swamp to starve or get killed by some swamp monster, but Garuum broke his left hand, which still hasn’t healed well, to escape from his bonds. He freed his slurk and fled east into the Narlmarches. Following his escape, the priest-king branded him an exile and demanded that he be slain on sight should he ever return.
After meeting the party, Nugrah and Rigg, he regained hope and started training to one day kill the priest-king of M’botuu.
He recently made a foul potion that would permanently increase his combat prowess. When he drank it, he fell unconscious and started growing wings.

After he swallowed an imp, he went on a journey around the Inner Sea to master alchemy and find a cure for his imp problem.

Now his nemesis Sepoko has been defeated, Garuum focuses more on his duties as guard captain of Tatzlford.

Garuum of M'Botuu

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