Alcatraz Kingmaker

Raid on Razmiran Priests

Session 17

28th of Abadius, 4718 AR

Mivon, Mivon

To further investigate the buildings Gaspar was planning to raid, the party goes to the one location on the list that seems off, a magic shop called Tomes & Tiaras.
The owner, Myrin Daekrana, greets them heartily when they enter. She immediately starts a sales pitch, showing the group discounted items and cheap scrolls, potions and wands. Overwhelmed by this social assault, the party starts browsing her wares. After buying some magic items the party tells her they are here on official Mivoni Guardsmen business, investigating some river pirates. They’d like to look around while Henri questions her. In the workshop on the first floor they find large amounts of raw materials for crafting magic items, seemingly scrapped from low-grade items. When confronted about it, Myrin seems afraid to tell them where it came from, but answers that she indeed scrapped the materials from cheaper belts, amulets, cloaks and the like. Henri pushes her for more information and she reveals men in masks came to her shop and demanded she scrap the items down to materials. They come to collect the materials on the last day of each month and drop off new items to be scrapped then. They threatened to beat her into submission if she didn’t comply and offered her to skim off the top to keep it worth her while. Myrin gives them the location of the warehouse that the items seem to come from, which coincides with the location of one of the warehouses to be raided by Gaspar. The party seizes the supplies from the deal, finishes up business with Myrin and then they head back to The Lord’s Antlers to discuss their findings.
Aldous decides to scry on the suspicious warehouse, while the rest of the party checks out the last warehouse to eliminate their options and expedite things.

The party sans Aldous enters the warehouse shouting ‘Drop what you’re holding, on your knees, we’re here on an official investigation!‘. Three men stand in the storage area, a skinny man is loading crates on a shelf and two burly half-orcs are preparing a cart of supplies to go out. The skinny man drops on his knees, but one of the half-orcs looks at Rachim and says:’Boss? That you? We thought you got done in by some group of adventurers?‘. It takes a few seconds for Rachim to realise he’s wearing the Stag Lord’s antlered helm. ‘Eh.. I…. would never get rolled by adventurers. The scene got too hot and I laid low for a while, but I am back now. What are you doing all the way over here?’. ‘When rumours spread you kicked the bucket, me, Urul and Joe there went south to see if we could liberate Mivon’s valuables. We found out pretty soon it was more risk than it was worth, so we got a job here. Old Andrew in the office there doesn’t care about your background long as you work hard.’ An older man, presumably Andrew, comes out of the office and tells his employees to cooperate and get this over with. The half-orc continues ‘But if the gig is back on, consider us in. Never liked heavy lifting.’ Rachim thinks for a moment and answers: ‘Proof you ain’t gone soft on me. You work for a man now. That man is not me. You see the conflict here?‘. The half-orc closes the front door while ordering Joe to close the backdoor. Urul picks a blacksmith’s hammer from the cart he was loading and slowly walks to Andrew. With an overhead swing the hammer cracks the man on the skull and he goes down. ‘Boss, he’s out cold. Want me to finish him or should I have just beaten him up?‘. Henri stabilises the man and says: ’Let’s make it look like something heavy fell from a shelf and smashed his skull in. We smashed him hard enough that he might not remember a thing.’ They head back to their ship, taking the three bandits with them. Unbeknownst to them for now, they work for Rachim as his ring of spies.

Meanwhile, Aldous scried on the other warehouse. He saw a man sitting at a desk, separating loot into piles and boxing it up for shipping. The man looks like a priest of kinds. Another man enters the room to drop off a crate of cheap cloaks.
The party decides to go in invisible, then go guns blazing when they have a good position, assuming these men are guilty. Inside, some pirate types are moving crates. The party spreads across the room and opens fire, felling one of the pirates in the first volley. The other one gets hit with a spell from Aldous and falls with the second volley. Meanwhile, Henri goes to the office to attack the priest. A man clutching a sword with two hands appears in a doorway behind him, but the man doesn’t see him through the invisibility. Henri blasts him with a cone of bright lights and the man goes down. The entire party is now near the door to the office. Aldous prepares to dispel any magic that comes their way when they open the door. Henri opens the door and Isabella fires a burst into the room, hitting the priest in the shoulder. In the meantime, Rachim finishes the stunned barbarian behind them.
The priest surrenders as his wounds are pretty dire. After some questioning Isabella shoots the man in the face. He had very little to tell apart from that he was the highest ranking member of the League of Merchants, with only two others of his rank in this operation.

In the evening, the party dines at Raston’s mansion. Isabella pays Gaspar in natura for covering up her little murder.

29th of Abadius, 4718 AR

Trollmound, The Northern Reaches

Aldous checks in on how the trolls are doing. He promises to find them a mayor for their town soon.

Stagholm, The Northern Reaches

When they arrive at the docks of Stagholm, some nervous citizens inform them a giant armoured guy with a bad aura came into town and asked to speak to the lord of this place. He was surprisingly polite. The party rushes to the castle. In the common room, sixteen feet of armour stands before them. ‘Hello, my name is Ellery Cromwell. I woke from a tomb to the east a few days ago in this terrible state and I can’t find my lord. I am his bodyguard. Do you know where he might be?‘. Henri answers ’He might be dead. You’ve been out for around ten thousand years or so. Who’s your lord?. He answers:‘Vordakai, the ruler of the western part of the Cyclops Empire of Koloran. I am a paladin of Acavna, goddess of the moon and battle, assigned to him for his personal protection.’. The party informs him that the world is vastly different now. His kind is considered to be extinct and his empire long gone. They ask him if he wants to serve the new lords of the area. There is a village of trolls down south in need of a mayor. They also need capable commanders. He agrees and leaves to check out Trollmound.


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