The Neried’s Shawl

The party found Briar wrapped in a pristine white cloth, seemingly of fey origin. The Hamadryad of the Narlmarches confirmed the suspicions by relating it’s a neried’s shawl and the owner is likely still alive. Nerieds are aquatic fey that store part of their soul in their shawl, so she imagines the fey in question might be quite happy to get it back. But who does it belong to?

The Rushlight Tournament

Castruccio Irovetti invited the party to attend the annual Rushlight Tournament. The party accepted the invitation and will be present on the event on the 10th of Sarenith, 4719 AR.

Restoring the Guardian Circle

After helping Imbuzi at the Worldwound, Nugrah decided to teach the party druidic to have them help repair the Guardian Stones.


The Drelev Issue

Kisandra Numesti came running into Tatzlford to beg the party to rescue her father and sister. By warning them for the impending attack she hopes to gain their favour. Kisandra’s father is currently imprisoned in Drelev Keep and her sister is kidnapped by Tiger Lord Barbarians. She also hopes the party can stop Hannis Drelev‘s tyrannical rule.
Weixi teleported into Fort Drelev’s dungeons and freed Kisandra’s father, Terrion Numesti.

Shifting the Nomen Spirit ward

The party decided they wanted to appease the Nomen Spirits to eventually shift the ward protecting Vordakai’s Tomb to Candlemere Tower.
After contacting most of the Nomen spirits, the party shifted the ward from Vordakai’s tomb to Candlemere tower, protecting it from things outside of the solar system.

Kill Sepoko

Garuum of M’Botuu has finalized his scouting and mapmaking of M’Botuu and asked the party to help him organize a raid. The goal is to kill Sepoko, wipe out as much of the boggards as is necessary for them to get out of the Hooktongue Slough and find evidence of magical compulsion on Sepoko. Although he hasn’t stated a reward yet, he has been hinting it’ll be worth the party’s while.

Wanted: Manticores

Tamerak Elenark asked the party to drive a trio of manticores away from their sacred burial site. The party is to acquire the quills from these manticores and deliver them. As a reward, Tamerak is offering a book of ancient halfling poetry.

King’s Feast

Tatzlford’s chef in the local inn, Jamery Horbasken, would like the party to fetch silver eels from Silverstep Lake. Although he has very little to pay, he is a chef of considerable renown. Having him host an eel bake during a festival would convince more people to attend, resulting in 6 additional BP for the treasury. Additionally, he’d like to make a giant omelet from a roc egg. The innkeep is willing to reward anyone delivering a roc egg with a +2 buckler.

Wanted: Spidersilk

Local weaver Chamaie Lerian would like around 50 square meter of spidersilk from the Dunsward trapdoor spiders (about 5 spiders worth). She has a Cloak of Resistance +2 for anyone who delivers the silk.


Aecora Silverfire asked the party to look out for Skybolt, a Nomen longbow stolen by spriggans. She hasn’t much to offer the party, but it would make their standing with the Nomen significantly better.

The Missing Brother

Local aristocrat Edrist Hanvaki hasn’t seen his brother in a few weeks. Last he knows, his brother Tomin was heading to Varnhold’s gemcutter. Edrist wants the party to find his brother (or his body) and bring him (or his silver brooch, if he’s dead) back to him. He’s promised a reward of 3000 gold pieces.

Missing Professor

Jemanda Orlashen, an agent from the Kitharodian Academy in Oppara, Taldor, is looking for a professor of history who left without a leave of absence. The man, a bard called Ervil Pendrod, was supposedly in Varnhold when the population disappeared. Jemanda has a fully charged wand of Detect Traps to reward the person who brings her Ervil Pendrod.

Forgotten History

Tamerak Elenark is interested in learning about ancient Iobarian culture. Anyone who brings him significant information will be rewarded with a magic circlet, which appears to be a Headband of Inspired Wisdom +2.


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