Homebrew mechanics

Spirits of the Nomen (Updated 14 march 2017, added Mother Moon)
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Minor rule changes

Long-living races

Elves, gnomes and some other races have a listed maximum age in the Advanced Race Guide, yet are theoretically immortal on Golarion. Specific rulings will be listed here:
Elves: Elves age normally to their maximum age, but don’t die due to old age. Instead they continue to gain a stacking venerable age category every 100 years past venerable. This cannot reduce their stats below 1.
Gnomes: Gnomes on Golarion are a race from The First World. As such, they are immortal, but are ill suited for living on the Material Plane. The result of this is a unique disease that all gnomes have. Any aging gnomes would normally experience is replaced by The Bleaching.

Monster abilities

Some monster abilities differ between lore and game mechanics. In cases where it would add to the game, the lore abilities will be used. A list of changes will be here:
Dragons: Some dragons have the ability to shapeshift into human form. In lore, these dragons can often do this for years at a time, while the rules state it can do it 3 times a day for a number of minutes. In this campaign, dragons can change their shape 3 times a day, but can maintain the shape until they choose to change it.

Homebrew mechanics

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