Aldous Huxley (Weixi Zhoufeng)

Human arcanist 11, Treasurer of the Northern Reaches


Miserly. Having cut ties with his diabolical family on faraway Tian Xia, Weixi now further seeks to deepen his understanding of the arcane through his adventures in the River Kingdoms. Although the lust for power was rather a central theme in his upbringing, he pursues mastery of the magical arts strictly out of academic interest. He prefers diplomacy over violence but will unflinchingly resort to even the most despicable of methods if his designs are somehow infringed upon.

Currently serves as Treasurer to the court of the Northern Reaches. He also maintains an academy dedicated to the magical arts situated in Stagholm.


Character Sheet
Date of Birth: 18-11-4694
Place of Birth: Rendah Pulu Archipelago, Minata
History: His family forms a prominent bloodline of abyssal sorcerers on one of the many Minata islands. He was stripped of his sorcerer abilities and magically transported to a location near the Rostland border. This was a result of his attempts to bargain with a demon for a way to untangle himself from his family’s affiliations. He encountered the rest of the party travelling along the road shortly after his arrival.

Aldous Huxley (Weixi Zhoufeng)

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