Alcatraz Kingmaker

War of the River Kings
Session 33

10th of Sarenith, 4719 AR

Rushlight Tournament Grounds, Pitax

-First day

11th of Sarenith, 4719 AR

Rushlight Tournament Grounds, Pitax

First Round

13th of Sarenith, 4719 AR

Rushlight Tournament Grounds, Pitax

-Second Round

15th of Sarenith, 4719 AR

Rushlight Tournament Grounds, Pitax

-Third Round

17th of Sarenith, 4719 AR

Rushlight Tournament Grounds, Pitax

-Midnight Joust
-Another attack on Tatzlford
-Fighting the Pitax army

Session 32

27th of Abadius, 4719 AR

Pitax, Pitax

-Alasen shows up at Fallen Star Tavern, tells Rachim about her deal with Irovetti.
-Rachim goes back into the palace to steal Numerian stuff.
-Finds Irovetti’s bedroom, steals all his gear, leaves a note saying “Love” in Sylvan.
-Finds Briar

The Stag Lord Rises
Session 31

25th of Abadius, 4719 AR

Trollmound, The Northern Reaches

-Birth Thanya Valentina

In between end of Neth and Sarenith, the party prepares for the Rushlight Tournament.

27th of Abadius, 4719 AR

Pitax, Pitax

-Rachim breaks into the castle dressed as a manwhore
-Fucks Alasen and becomes a weretiger
-Is the “Stag Lord” >=)
-Asked high priestess at the cathedral of Calistria to send a woman asking for the Stag Lord to him.

The Drelev Magic Trick
Session 30

17th of Neth, 4718 AR

Hydra Den, Hooktongue Slough

After the party subdues a hydra, Weixi gets the feeling he is being watched and assumes he’s being scryed upon. A voice booms in his head. ‘Hey, Imeckus Stroon here, brother of the baroness of Fort Drelev. This whole Drelev thing is a sinking ship, I’d like to meet you some time soon. Come to my library when it conveniences you, I believe you know the way. Bring your friends.’ Weixi responds: ‘I can be with you in half a minute, on my way.’ He explains the situation to the rest of the party and teleports them to Imeckus’ library, where the wizard awaits them.
Imeckus explains that he was brought in from Pitax by his sister, the baroness. Hannis Drelev was not as great a leader as he said to be, and she needed some help around the barony to keep things from going completely unstable. He has been scrying and responding to the bigger problems to prevent them from spiralling out of control, but recent events have him unable to prevent any more escalation. He wants to cut ties with Drelev, but wants his sister unharmed. He apologises for the attack on Tatzlford, he and his sister were kept out of the loop on that one and he only heard of that a day later, when news came back of the failure. The party assures him they’ll take care of Drelev on Quintessa’s birthday. They just need to talk to some more people, starting with the captain of the guard. Imeckus fetches a servant to lead them to the captain, a stern man named Vincas Beinoris.
Vincas hears the party out. Impressed by their taming of Speartooth, he agrees to let them take over before Drelev starves the entire population out of stupid pride. He’ll be sure to be on guard on the birthday should Drelev become too hostile.

18th of Neth, 4718 AR

Iron Wraith Camp, Glenebon Uplands

On his birthday, Weixi teleports to Lucia Varn, who is training north of Pitax with the Iron Wraiths. She’s in the middle of a lecture on mindscapes when he arrives, and he joins in. After the lesson, he and Lucia practice around a bit with mindscape spells. He invites her to accompany him to Quintessa’s birthday.

19th of Neth, 4718 AR

Almas, Andoran

Rachim asks Cyclops Jane to join him to Quintessa’s birthday, she agrees.

20th of Neth, 4718 AR

Restov, Brevoy

Party convinces Aldori nobility to grant an estate to Pavetta Stroon-Drelev, in what Oleg’s Trading Post was.

22nd of Neth, 4718 AR

Fort Drelev, Drelev Demesne

-Drelev Magic trick on Quintessa’s birthday
Hannis Drelev hits the bottle, takes it sort of well, but sad.
Terrion Numesti in charge.

Armag the Twice-Born
Session 29

15th of Neth, 4718 AR

Fort Drelev, Drelev Demesne

In order to get the favour of the inhabitants of Fort Drelev, the party focuses again on problems it’s facing at the moment. A big problem, having cost the town many guards so far is Speartooth, a sabre-tooth tiger of immense proportions, lairing about 15 miles north of Fort Drelev.
The lair is a large patch of really dense brambles, nested between two small but steep hills. Walking around it, the party finds a few small tunnels through the brambles. Weixi and Isabella fly over it and see that the center of the bramble patch is relatively open, with dozens of humanoid bodies and other large mammal corpses strewn around. Speartooth is nowhere to be found, until Rachim notices a shadow moving about in the brambles. The party gets into a defensive position to subdue the beast, when it charges Rachim. They manage to knock it out and tie it up for now.

Preparing for visiting the Tiger Lord camp, Weixi teleports to Stagholm to get some competent archeologists. He brings back Lily, Ulna Tharass, Zuket Amaral and Xamanthe.

16th of Neth, 4718 AR

Tiger Lord encampment

Near a cliff with a recently dug cave in it, a dozen small tents are pitched. Near the tents some barbarians are playing a hand of cards. The party approaches and hails them. The barbarians ask if they are more of Drelev’s men and tell them that the excavation is done and the Black Sisters and their champion are already inside, so the hostages can go free. Henri asks what that means exactly and explains that they are looking to dethrone Drelev. One of the barbarians introduces himself as Krald, leader of this group, at least before the whole Armag thing started. He seems displeased as he explains that a few months ago, two priestesses showed up with a so-called champion who would wield Armag’s sword again and bring him back. They expect Armag to take over and bring a new age of prosperity to the Tiger Lords. Krald thinks they were doing pretty well, and is not too happy about losing his leadership position. The party tells him that they want to stop Armag and if he wants to be leader again, he can help them. He agrees and the group goes inside the cave.

The cave twists a bit before leading into an old Tiger Lord burial mound. Just before entering, Isabella asks for confirmation that everyone inside is to be killed, and happily moves into the room as the party concurs. Inside are two women in black dress. Isabella immediately opens fire and the rest of the party joins the battle. One of the women falls to Isabella’s opening volley, the other one dies from a combination of gunshots, rapier stabs and spells.
Two doors lead out of the room, one labeled the Test of Strength and the other labelled The Tactician’s Way. A glimpse into the Test of Strength reveals stairs and heavy boulders to be lifted up the stairs. Most of the group finds it a quite unappealing task and checks out the Tactician’s Way, but Ulna and Krald want to give it a go. The Tactician’s way includes a large tilting floor, leading into a cavern with pillars to jump across a chasm.
The different paths merge again in a large circular room, filled only with a single large iron statue of Gorum in the centre. As they move through the room, the statue slowly starts animating and waves a challenge at the party. The golem is strong and incredibly hard to harm, but nothing the party cannot overcome. To be certain everything is still okay with Ulna and Krald, they check through the door leading to the Test of Strength. The two are just laying the final boulder into place, and insist on finishing it. After a minute of hauling, they join the rest and they move deeper into the complex, to be attacked by a horde of skeletons in a cavern just after the circular room. Fighting through them, they make their way to a shrine of Gorum, where a scantly dressed man with a spear awaits them. He wants them to show their power before they are allowed to continue. The fight doesn’t last long, as Weixi uses a spell to disorientate the man. He gets out of the way and lets them pass.
Past a set of double doors, carnage awaits them. A barbarian holding a faintly glowing greatsword stands over the bodies of a dozen dismembered Tiger Lords, foam on his mouth. Weixi and Henri immediately start slinging spells at the man, but for every incantation, the greatsword glows briefly and the spell fizzles out before it hits the barbarian. He charges Rachim, who barely manages to dodge a wide swing of the massive weapon. While Rachim is locked in melee combat, Isabella empties both her revolvers into his opponent. He staggers back a little, giving Rachim just enough time to plant a rapier hilt-deep in the man’s chest. With a final gasp he collapses, the sword clattering to the ground.
Cursory inspection by Weixi warns the group not to play around with the weapon too much, as it convinces the wielder he is the original Armag and sends him flying into a deadly rage. It also attempts to dispel any offensive effects cast on the wielder, so if a workaround is found, the weapon could be magnificent. The party decides to give the blade to Ellery Cromwell, as he should be immune to its memory-altering effects.
After searching the rest of the tomb for treasure, the party congratulates the former and new chieftain Krald. Krald in turn promises them he’ll be grateful for their help and he’ll shift his attention north and west, targeting Numeria and Pitax instead of the Northern Reaches.

The Hooktongue Slough
Session 28

13th of Neth, 4718 AR

Stagholm, The Northern Reaches

A courier arrives with a letter to the party. It is an invitation to the birthday of Quintessa Maray, Hannis Drelev’s mistress. She will celebrate her birthday on the 22nd of Neth. The party decides that the party would be a great time to make a move on Drelev. They plan to inform him on the party that he is no longer in charge of Fort Drelev. Until the birthday party they will make sure everyone except Drelev is on the same page.
They start by checking out the noticeboard, and they see that there are some problems in the vicinity of Fort Drelev. Going for as much goodwill as they can get, the party sets out to check out rumours of bog mummies in the east of the Hooktongue and a giant sabre-tooth tiger called Speartooth just north of Fort Drelev.
Weixi teleports the party to Tok-Nikrat, a bog strider village.

Tok-Nikrat, Hooktongue Slough

Ko-Kekt, the leader of the village and father of the bog strider the party recued in M’Botuu, turns out to be very knowledgeable about the Hooktongue Slough, being able to explain in great accuracy the locations of nearly every dangerous beast, treacherous quicksands and landmarks.
The closest place of interest is a slug lair, home to a type of slug of which Garuum requested a few vials of acid. The slug lair is a foul-smelling pile of rotting wood next to a small river. One slug is swimming through the river slowly while another one is feeding on a dead fallen tree. The party easily deals with the acid-spitting slugs, though Rachim narrowly avoids a blast of slug acid.

14th of Neth, 4718 AR

Bog of Bones, Hooktongue Slough

Responding to rumours about undead roaming around in an area Ko-Kekt referred to as the Bog of Bones, the group sets out the edge between the Narlmarches and the Hooktongue Slough. Against the forest’s edge three figures in black robes are murmuring prayers to some dark goddess. Henri deduces their goddess must be Urgathoa, deity of undeath, gluttony and disease. When they approach the trio of priests, it quickly becomes obvious these people are the undead the rumours mentioned. Identifying them as bog mummies, Henri asks them what their deal is in this swamp. They explain that they are what remains of their cult to the Pallid Princess and that they recently had a little infighting with their high priest. They drowned him in the swamp to get rid of him, but apparently this angered Urgathoa, as they were pulled under too and arose as bog mummies a few days later. Since then the priests have been trying to atone for their sins against their goddess, mostly by infecting some local hunters and wildlife with mummy rot. They are inbetween cults at the moment. Henri tells them he is the duke of the Northern Reaches and that they are quite tolerant to ‘exotic’ folk. The party decides to invite them, initially to Stagholm, but they’ll ask the deep gnomes of Horgrim whether the priests would be welcome there.

Pixie’s glade, Narlmarches

After a few miles, the terrain slopes up, turning into drier forest. Moving up past a small creek, the party reaches a small grove where a group of worgs is devouring the carcass of a deer. A branch rustles overhead and the worgs spring into action, turning towards the intruders. Henri tells them he was looking for them and specifically their pixie friends and wishes to speak with them. With a disappointed sigh, five pixies turn visible near the worgs. Henri tells them he has employment to offer the pixies as an army unit of the Northern Reaches. He convinces them they’ll be paid well and live an easy life when not on active duty. The pixies seem somewhat disinterested, but are ultimately convinced to agree by their worg friends, who would love a life of easy meat and warm shelter.

Swamp Scar, Hooktongue Slough

In the distance, the party can see a high mound of rotten vegetation, described to them by Ko-Kekt as the Swamp Scar, where Ngara is supposed to dwell. When they get near, a naga slithers out of a large nook in the rotting jumble of trees. Henri starts explaining to her that his party just destroyed M’Botuu because they were being a problem. He asks her: ‘Are you going to be a problem?". She meekly responds ’No, Lord.’. Satisfied, the party leaves Ngara be in her compost heap of a home.

Session 27

12th of Neth, 4718 AR

Tonraq’s Temple, Tors of Levenies

Before the fight with Ovrirth, Weixi provides everyone with a flight spell and a spell to shield against fire and heat. Flying over the crater they position themselves in a grid, far enough away from each other so that no two people will be caught by the dragon’s fiery breath. They give the sign to Fumus to unseal the temple and the rock below in the crater begins to crack, with a red glow emanating from the cracks. Within seconds, the heat from underneath has molten the surface down to magma. Just a moment later, a red dragon shoots out of the magma with a thundering roar. As it scans around the crater and charges towards Sen, the party rains down all the violence they can. While Sen is fighting the dragon in melee, exchanging fierce blows, Isabella shoots bullet after bullet from her two revolvers, Rachim flies in to incapacitate it and Henri and Weixi weave spells. Though the dragon proves incredibly dangerous and a powerful foe indeed, the party manages to force it into close combat. With a few last punches, Sen finishes Ovrirth, who tumbles into the magma lifelessly. With the help of magic, Weixi manages to prevent the body from sinking and transports the body to the ledge. He teleports to Tatzlford and asks Nugrah and Garuum to help him skin a dragon. They come with him to help. The dragon gets field dressed inside the temple for all his blood, gall, acid, musk and his skin. The party requests the head and wings not be skinned, but kept whole. Weixi tells Garuum that if he were an alchemist, he’d eat the heart of a dragon if given the chance. Though Garuum doesn’t particularly respond to that, he later takes the heart with him for analysis.

Clearing a path to the entrance of Grommor’s Maw, the party leaves through the front gate of the temple and fights their way through some natural caverns. They get assaulted by cave giants, but quickly overcome them. In a dead end, two small crystalline scorpion-like creatures are lazily mining away at the cave wall. As the party approaches they visibly tense up, but don’t yet attack. Henri knocks them out with a colourful spell and their legs get bound. Assuming crystalline creatures don’t need to breathe, the party puts them in a bag of holding to later add to their menagerie.

13th of Neth, 4718

Stagholm, The Northern Reaches

After a referendum, it was chosen by the people of the Northern Reaches to resurrect the silver dragon Amvarean. She seems dazed as she wakes up. After coming to her senses a bit, she tells the party that she was slain by an old black dragon, Ilthuliak. From what she knows, he makes his lair in the Branthlend mountains. Grateful for being resurrected, Amvarean tells the party that she’ll have to set up her lair again, but she’ll visit regularly once that is done.

Grommor's Maw
Session 26

8th of Neth, 4718 AR

Lake Tuskwater, The Northern Reaches

The party decides to check Ervil Pendrod’s “Ethnography of the Nomen Centaurs” for clues on where the last of Nomen spirits reside. Ervil suspected Sangore makes his home in Lake Tuskwater and Tonraq in the Tors of Levenies in a dormant volcano. The group heads to the lake and casts spells to breathe underwater. As they sink to the bottom of the lake, a giant Tatzlwyrm comes into view. It circles the party once and greets them: “Hello, my name is Sangore! To what do I owe the pleasure?”. Henri greets him and says “We are just stopping by to meet our neighbours”. Sangore happily shows them around after casting a spell on the party, allowing them to swim with ease within the lake. He invites them to dine with a few nixies farther in the east of the lake. The party agrees and stays for dinner.

9th of Neth, 4718 AR

Ghost Stone, The Northern Reaches

Having met most of the Nomen spirits, the party heads to the Ghost Stone to shift its ward from Vordakai’s lair to Candlemere tower. Weixi tampers with the runes and sets the location to the small island south of Stagholm and specifies that it should only activate against things from outside this solar system.
The group decides to finish up making contact with the Nomen spirits, and heads to Grommor’s Maw, suspected location of Tonraq’s dormant temple.

10th of Neth, 4718 AR

Grommor’s Deep, Nar-Voth

The party effortlessly flies over the stone golems guarding the first cavern in Grommor’s Maw. The cave winds on farther to the east and stairs run down into the ground in the south of the room. They go down the stairs, about 200 feet down. The stairs end in a wide hallway with a small signpost near a T-junction. The signs are in Undercommon and indicate Deep Gnome territory to the west and Duergar territory to the south. About 300 feet to the south, a torch-lit gate with two stubby armoured guards prevents access to the tunnel beyond. The party heads west into Deep Gnome territory. After a few hours of walking, they find a small cave guarded by gray gnomes. In broken common they explain that this is the village of Horgrim, a simple mining village. Their main trade is blightburn, a dangerous material with mystical yet mundane properties. The party asks around about the area and the gnomes happily explain and lead them to the best scout in town. He shows them a route to the surface, a winding, steep passage that ends in a small woodland area just 15 miles southwest of Lake Silverstep. The party rests in Horgrim, and after Weixi acquires a sample of blightburn paste from the gnomes, the group sets out back towards Grommor’s Deep, where they suspect they’ll find Tonraq’s temple.

11th of Neth, 4718 AR

Grommor’s Maw, The Northern Reaches

After passing through a few caves, the party finds a wide hole going back up. They fly up to find a giant-like creature at the top with four arms, split at the elbow. When they initiate the fight and bring it down, another of the creatures comes running from farther in the cave. The party quickly deals with it, though it manages to rake Isabella hard. While Henri heals her, Aldous and Rachim explore the cavern. It appears to be an old lava tube and there is a significant amount of gems embedded in the walls of some alcoves. In a pile of giant bug carcasses, they also find a red, softly glowing orb, warm to the touch and about a foot in diameter. They move on and find that the cave leads through a crumbled wall into an artificial structure, with two doors on either side. The party goes through the right one and walk onto a ledge on the side of a giant cooled down crater. About 500 feet up, a small hole let’s the sun illuminate the crater. In the wall is a large pane of what looks like glass, but it proves near immune to any attempt to scratch it. Through it, the group sees the backside of a statue of a salamander standing on a shrine, with two receptacles on either side. They walk around to the next door, symmetrically placed on the other side of the window, to get to the room.
When they put the orb they found in the left receptacle, a small channel on the floor on the left side of the room starts filling up with slow flowing lava. They put it in the other receptacle and the lava flow stops to resume on the other side. Concluding they need an extra orb, they go explore the part of the temple they haven’t been to, but a heavy door blocks the way. It doesn’t appear to be blocked and feels like it’s counter-weighted, but the counterweight appears not to function. With help of the entire group, Henri manages to crack open the door and everyone slips through to arrive in a octagonal room with four doors. Heading into the northern door, they find a room with more dried up channels. A soft glow emanates from a hole in the wall that would feed the channels if it were working. When Rachim checks it out, he sees a sizeable amorphous blob of lava rush towards him. He crawls out of the hole as fast as possible, being followed by a magma ooze. Though heavily resistant against normal attacks, Weixi freezes it with ease. As it disperses lifelessly, another red orb is left in its place.
The door on the south leads to a room with another receptacle in front of a statue of a dragon’s head. When they place the orb on the receptacle, lava flows from the statue into channels on the floor. The heavy door now moves as a normal door despite its size and most of the temple is illuminated by small lava channels in the floor under a glass pane. The party heads back to the shrine, where they put both orbs in the receptacles. With the lava flow of the temple fully restored, a fire elemental materialises out of the statue. It grumbles:‘My name is Fumus, I’m the steward of this temple. I thank you for freeing me from the seal, but we sealed the place up in defence. If you wish to commune with Tonraq, I have to apologise, but freeing him from the seal involves fully unsealing the volcano, which also releases what was attacking us at the time, a former agent of Tonraq, the red dragon Ovrirth. If you wish to help me restore this temple, I will unseal the crater for you, but make sure you are prepared to fight Ovrirth.’
The party decides to make camp at the shrine and fight the dragon after a good night’s sleep.

The M'Botuu Reclamation
Session 25

26th of Rova, 4718 AR

M’Botuu, Hooktongue Slough

Approaching from the south, Rachim spots the first sentry in the trees. He puts him down with a bolt. The sentry starts sliding out of the tree and with a quick throw Rachim affixes the boggard’s armour to the tree. With the rest of the party flying overhead, Rachim moves on to the next sentry. After making sure the south part of M’Botuu is unguarded, Rachim moves to the prisoners hut. In it, a humanoid creature closely resembling a giant water strider is locked up. It talks in some bubbly language which Rachim doesn’t understand. Rachim removes the latch from the heavy door and the creature skitters to the south border of the village. While Rachim continues quietly slaying the guards posted in trees, Henri and Weixi go talk to the creature. It explains it is a bog strider called Ka-Kekt from their village to the south, Tok-Nikrat. Ka-Kekt asks the party to come visit some time so he can properly thank them. The map provided by Garuum shows five entrances to the village below, one of them located just north of the village on an Island Garuum marked as Bone Island, guarded by two boggard rangers. The party drops on them from the sky, taking them down quickly.
They get back to the center of the village, where one of the mounds that provides entrance to the underground part stands. Rachim scouts most of the subterranean rooms. When the party enters they rush in loudly, counting on the element of surprise. The throne room is located in the south of the caverns, where Sepoko is casting spells in preparation of combat. His spell gets interrupted as the party begins their assault. Calling on Kankerata’s power, Henri turns the ground beneath Sepoko into quicksand. The boggard is unable to move and dies after a barrage of bullets from Isabella and a series of stabs from Rachim.
Clearing the rest of the caves proves easy with the help of Weixi’s blasts of arcane frost and fire. In the treasure room they find a large quantity of gold and Taldan trade bars, some jewellery, a harp, adorned with a box of cold iron arrows and bolts and three crates of cold iron weapons.

Back above ground, the party decides that Weixi should teleport to the Fort Drelev dungeons to free Terrion Numesti. He does so, teleporting into the dungeons. With a quick spell he unlocks the cell door, freeing Lord Numesti. They teleport back to the party. Lord Numesti is grateful, but worries about his daughter and the civilians in Fort Drelev. He explains that he has been covertly helping the poorest people escape the city to flee to the Northern Reaches. Lord Drelev got wind of his actions and had him incarcerated and his daughter shipped off to the Tiger Lord barbarians as leverage. He suspects that because she’s valuable to them, they will not harm her, but he’s still worried about her.

27th of Rova, 4718 AR

Stagholm, The Northern Reaches

The Council is informed that food prices have been going up. Closer inspection revealed that most of the Northern Reaches’ farms belong to four people. One of them, a man named Niklas Hawken, lives in Stagholm. The party confronts him about it and he explains that he’s been losing employees because most people can get a better salary in mining or woodcutting. So he approached a few other big farmers and discussed it with them and they’ve been having the same problem, so they decided to nudge up food prices a little to be able to pay employees similar salaries as miners and woodcutters.
The party agrees with his methods and tells him that they’d like to be informed of unionising in the future. Seemingly more relaxed, Niklas confesses that they’ve been renting out a small portion of their land to Daggermark Poisoners. They just have to tend to a small patch of exotic plants every now and then and then they meet up in secret to sell the plants back to the Poisoners for a hefty sum of money. Weixi promises that a suitable location for less than moral exchanges will be constructed and their union is welcome to use it.

Attack on Tatzlford
Session 24

24th of Rova, 4718 AR

Tatzlford, The Northern Reaches

Weixi decides to scry on Lord Drelev, who is in the middle of taking a bath. He casts an invisibility spells and teleports there. As he arrives there, he decides to look for Drelev’s office. Outside the bathroom, he seems to be standing in the entrance room of a keep. There are numerous doors leading to what sounds like a kitchen, a flight of stairs going down and a spiral staircase going up. On the second floor, he sees more doors. He opens one that has no sounds emanating from behind it and finds himself in a small library, guarded by a mephit. On a desk are some notes and an opened book. As Weixi peruses it, the mephit notices something is wrong and attempts to swipe at the invisible intruder. Weixi quickly leaves back to the stairs, just after finding a map of the Hooktongue Slough with a Tiger Lord encampment marked on it. After encountering some more closed doors, he decides it’s probably safer to fly around outside the keep while invisible and see if he can spot the office through windows. On the fourth and final floor, he sees four windows, one of which leads to storage, one to an empty bedroom, and two to a bedroom with women in it. In one, a young, scantily dressed woman sits at a desk applying makeup. The other woman is an older noble, probably Drelev’s wife. Weixi teleports back to Tatzlford.

25th of Rova, 4718 AR

Tatzlford, The Northern Reaches

Scouts report the attacking army is nearly within longbow range. Tatzlford’s walls get manned by trained Mivoni duellists while Ansegar and his manticore army provide ranged support. The party gets ready to teleport behind the lines of human attackers to attack the line of trolls marching up to the walls.
The army seems to be exhausted, many of the soldiers are lacking small bits of equipment and there are less men than initially reported. The fey of the Narlmarches really tore their morale apart.
The party teleports into the battle, appearing only twenty feet from the first troll. Immediately, Weixi shoots a blast of ice over the battlefield, hitting most of the trolls. Sen and Rachim get into position to fight the trolls in melee. Isabella starts shooting at the nearest troll, while Henri bolsters the party with divine energy. The trolls are not too much of a problem, but two of them ran for the wall when the assault started. They are quickly chased down too.
Garuum reports that a fancily dressed man was seen about 500 meters west running away from Tatzlford. He think it might be the army’s commander. The party closes most of the distance with a casting of dimension door, then Sen runs to catch up with him. Realising he can’t outrun this monk, the commander stops and gives Sen his blades, his bow and his quiver. He surrenders and introduces himself as Ameon Trask.
After the party interrogates the man, they find out he knows little more than talking with Kisandra and scrying already yielded.


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